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How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics

It’s a wonder of modern life that there are so many different types of fabric. It’s what enables you to have heavy curtains, light summer clothes, and even sweat absorbent exercise gear. More… Of course, each different type of material requires its own care routine; it’s the best way of ensuring it lasts for as… Read More »

Medical News Today: What to know about open wound care

An open wound is any internal or external injury that leaves internal tissue exposed to the external environment. People can sometimes treat acute open wounds at home with medications and natural remedies. However, people should seek immediate medical attention for severe wounds that involve significant bleeding or broken bones. Wounds fall into two broad categories:… Read More »

Washington State To Create ‘Public Option’ Health Care Plans : Shots – Health News – NPR

Enlarge this image Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed legislation making Washington the first state to enter the private health insurance market with a universally available public option. Rachel La Corte/AP hide caption toggle caption Rachel La Corte/AP Millions of Americans who buy individual health insurance, and don’t qualify for a federal subsidy, have been… Read More »