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Chlamydia vaccine shown to be safe in first ever human trial

By Jessica Hamzelou A new vaccine has been shown to trigger an immune response against the bacteria that cause chlamydiaBIOMEDICAL IMAGING UNIT, SOUTHAMPTON GENERAL HOSPITAL/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY The first human trial of a new chlamydia vaccine has shown that it is safe and that it triggers an immune response against the bacteria that cause chlamydia.… Read More »

First Edition: July 24, 2019

Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations. Kaiser Health News: ‘An Arm And A Leg’: Real Lessons Doctors Can Learn From Fake Patients Sometimes doctors get the “medical stuff” right while patients still get the wrong care. That’s one finding from a study that sent fake patients — actors wired with recording devices… Read More »

An important first step toward eliminating the transplant waitlist

The following is a guest post from Donna Cryer, president and CEO of the liver disease nonprofit Global Liver Institute. On Wednesday, the president signed an executive order highlighting a series of initiatives designed to encourage more kidney transplants and treatment at home. But hidden behind these high-profile positive kidney actions were a few equally… Read More »