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Can Beer Before Wine Really Minimize A Hangover? New Study Gets People Drunk To Find Out

There is an old belief that the order in which you consume alcoholic drinks might affect the severity of your hangover the next day. Photo credit: Getty Royalty-FreeGetty There is an age-old belief that if you are drinking alcohol, you should always drink beer before wine but never the other way round to avoid a… Read More »

Paramedics failing on hand hygiene: study

If you ever need the care of paramedics, you might want to check they’ve washed their hands first. A new study has found paramedics, including those in Australia, are remarkably poor at meeting hand hygiene standards. Researchers followed ambulance workers in Australia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark and logged how often they did what they should… Read More »

Cut red meat and save the planet: study

Aussies are the world’s number one consumers of meat, but scientists warn our love affair with beef is killing us, and the planet. An international team of experts has put lower meat consumption at the heart of a “planetary health diet” to stave off catastrophic damage to the environment. The findings from the EAT-Lancet Commission warn the… Read More »