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They saw a man about to jump off a highway overpass. Cell phone video captured what happened next.

“Oh my God, is that guy gonna jump off the bridge?” Musso remembers saying. The man had climbed on the outside of the chain-link fence barrier. He was making his way toward the center of the bridge over a busy road below, according to Musso. They immediately called 911, and then began to drive off… Read More »

Why EHRs are flawed, and how they can be fixed

Electronic health records continue to get a bad rap—at times, justifiably so. The recent article Death by 1,000 clicks: Where electronic health systems went wrong has spurred new conversations about what can be done to fix EHRs, including making them more physician-friendly and efficient at driving safe, effective patient care. One school of thought is… Read More »

Vast majority of patients would show more loyalty to providers if they had access to holistic health and wellbeing support

A full 84 percent of healthcare consumers said they would feel a greater sense of loyalty to their preferred provider if their overall health and wellbeing was being supported outside of a clinical setting — nutrition, stress management and weight loss bring prime examples, according to a new Welltok survey. In fact, provider organizations are… Read More »