The top 5 hints to get the pawfect photograph of your best mate

By | June 10, 2019

Are you worried that your pooch isn’t as photogenic as #dogsofinstagram?

Perhaps you feel like your four legged friend just doesn’t have what it takes to support it’s own hashtag or profile?

These could be a few tips from photography experts to helping your canine friend start trending!

1. Tape a treat to your camera. Let’s be honest nothing excites your dog like a treat. Nothing gets your attention like a treat. Stick a small, rolled up piece of duct tape to your camera and place their favourite treat at the top. Make sure you let them smell it so they know what’s on the line. FYI, this can also work on the back of your phone.

Note if you’re organising a long shoot you might need more than one treat to keep poochie happy.

2. If you want a different kind of look, changing it up from the pining for a schmacko, try a toy or something that makes the dog smile. Hold the toy or thing of interest up so your furry friend can see it, take the photo and then play with the doggie, there’s still a bit of give and take here.

3. Shutterstock recommends a faster shutter for doggie photos, as they’re not as likely to hold their pose as the #girlfriendsofinstagram. So get the dog on board, show them what’s at stake and get snapping straight away.

4. Get pupperino facing the sun as much as they can. This will help with the fast shutter movement and will also get your dog in the perfect light to show off their glistening fur. If inside get them to look into the lamp or light.

5. Get the music pumping! It doesn’t need to be all work and no play. Try ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Baha Men , Hound Dog Elvis Presley or for a longer shoot Dog Songs on Spotify.

It should be noted that we’re not prejudice against cats, but cats are prejudice against your camera. You’ll know when your kitty is ready for a photo.

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